Valkheim is the new home of the Valk. The clans faithful to Tukal, first son of Dhaar, followed him here and established a new Valk reign. Valkheim is a land of grassy plains and rocky hills. It is largely uninhabited, except for some villages of fishermen and farmers on the shores of the Drowned King Sea. This population is a mix of people from the Cairn Lands and more civilized men from Zandor and, generally, they are pacific and quite superstitious.

Shortly after coming to Valkheim, the Valk warriors, full of rage over the death of their leader, razed these villagers and butchered their inhabitants. After a while, Tukal, who wasn’t a fool, understood that these people could be used as slaves by the Valk, so he spared the lives of the survivors.

The Valk call them “the Cows”, since they aren’t able to fight. The Cows are fairly good craftsmen and can build boats, which the Valk are not familiar with. Tukal’s idea was to create a fleet of ships to transport his men and horses to The Borderlands and invade Faberterra, the heart of the Empire. But this was a short-lived dream: the boats were too primitive, had room for no more than a dozen horses each, and could not sail too far from the coast. So the plan was abandoned, but the Cows were allowed to live in independent communities and pay tribute to the Valk lords.

Today, the Valk live in the eastern part of the country, leading their traditional, nomadic life, while the Cows continue to live on the coast. The Cows are quite content with the situation: the Valk are harsh masters but protect them from the Cairnlanders, who periodically raid their lands. The Valk threat is still looming. Rogal, son of Tukal and current leader of the Valk, is using Valkheim to gather men whom he summons from friendly clans out of the deep steppe. When he has a big enough army, he plans to invade the Dread Sea Dominions again to finish the work of his grandfather.

Dhaar’s Tomb


On a hill, deep in the steppe, the Valk made the Cows build a massive stone construction. It is the tomb of Dhaar, the greatest ruler of the Valk. His body lies within, perpetually tended by a special group of Valkyries. For unknown
reasons, the corpse is still intact, as if the mighty warrior were asleep and not dead.

The Valkyries believe that the spirit of Sha Mekri dwells in Dhaar’s body and that, sooner or later, he will wake up to lead the Valk horde once more.

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