Syranthia is a land of low, rolling hills and fertile plains. Agriculture is widespread and it produces mainly vegetables, fruit and grapes (Syranthia’s wine is famous throughout the Dominions). This is why Faberterra conquered Syranthia many years before the Empire.

Its two main cities are renowned for different reasons. Syranthia City, the capital of the reign, owes its fame to the Library, the greatest collection of books, scrolls and tablets in the known world. Legions of scholars spend their lives studying such wealth of knowledge and the city is a place of learning and trade.

Askerios, almost as old as Syranthia City, is the most important economic center of the Empire and the biggest port in the known world. Slaves from Ascaia, timber from Northeim, and Water Lotus from the Brown Sea are only some of the goods that can be found there. Syranthia is ruled by a council of merchant princes, who managed to become independent from the Empire without any bloodshed. In truth, Syranthia still pays tribute to Faberterra, but it is only a very small percentage of its huge riches and certainly a worthwhile investment, if it helps Faberterra in fighting the northern barbarians.

Despite being mainly farmers, merchants and scholars, the Syranthians know how to defend themselves. Their military fleet is impressive and, on the mainland, they boast a tradition of cataphracts cavalry, the heaviest mounted troops in the Dominions, usually made up of the younger sons of the merchant elite.

Secret Cults of Syranthia

Syranthia represents civilization in its most opulent form. Syranthian merchants are fat and greedy, their women snobbish and full of jewelry. Many upper class Syranthians indulge in strange pleasures coming from the south, or even follow the unholy Tricarnian religion. The latter use the arts of mages and warlocks to gain an advantage over their competitors. Seemingly rich and happy, Syranthia is actually home to much evil.

The Sea Guardian of Askerios

Askerios is famous for its massive Sea Guardian, a fifty-yard tall bronze statue of a man holding a torch. The statue is hollow and doubles up as a lighthouse: its torch is the light that leads the ships to the haven of Askerios. There are various stories about the origin of the Sea Guardian. Some say it was built by an ancient king of the city and represents a now forgotten divinity, others say it is a gift from Hordan, fallen from the sky along with the Dread Star. A third theory claims that it is a Keronian relic, found while digging the city’s foundations. The Askeronians, however, usually believe either of the first two theories. Whatever its origin, the Askeronians know that, as long as the Sea Guardian protects its port, Askerios will be prosperous. Another strange fact about the statue is that, after centuries of being exposed to the elements, it is still intact, with not spot of rust on it.

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