Pygmies are part of the Ivory Savannah Tribes. They warrant their own description because of their stature.

The Lush Jungle is the ancestral home of the Pygmies, a primitive race of dwarfed men who withdrew to the shadow of the mangroves shortly after the fall of the Dread Star. According to the Syranthian sages, they are the descendants of Keronian slaves, who came here to find their freedom.

Whatever the reason, they are very reclusive and possessive about their land. The Pygmies are deceitful, just like the spiders they love so much. They allow travelers to go deep into their territory and then they attack with venomous blowguns, traps, and so on. Very few of those going on expeditions into the Jungle make it back.

Pygmies are not a playable race.

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