The Northlanders are by far the largest and toughest people in the Dread Sea Dominions. Many of them are taller than seven feet and strong enough to wrestle an ox barehanded.

Both men and women wear their hair long, and married women usually plait it. Men tend to have long beards but, especially among the southern tribes, they shave, mainly in order to tell their brothers apart from their enemies in battle.

They dress primarily in furs and roughly woven wool clothes. The men often walk around bare-chested, even during cold winters, because this is seen as a sign of strength while women are dressed in a more traditional way with a long gown.

The Northlanders are fascinated by metal. They are just starting to learn the art of melting iron and blacksmiths are held in high esteem.

They are proud, stubborn and bold, but they fear and loathe the supernatural. Their world view is plain and simple: the strong prevail over the weak, like the wolf over the deer, and there is nothing strange about it. The world of nature works like that, just like that of men.

They are organized in large families or clans, usually led by the oldest male members, and they live off hunting and foraging. Quarrels and feuds with neighbors are fairly common and often end in bloodshed.

The Northlanders are very individualistic and only a few times in their history a charismatic leader has managed to unite them under one banner usually to fight a major threat, as a Cairnlanders’ attack or an Imperial invasion.

Typical Northlanders names sound Scandinavian and are short and sharp-sounding, as Shangor, Torm, Uma, Verrik, Gorn, Targar, Beren. They don’t use patronymics, except in very official situations. For a Northlander it is a man’s sword, not his father, that makes him important.

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