The lands of Northeim are full of deep valleys, wild rivers and ancient forests. Northeim is mostly uninhabited, because the Northalders live in isolated clans and don’t farm on a large scale.

The Northlanders aren’t the only dwellers of this immense area. The Cairn Lords, the Nandals, and the few inhabitants of Imperial outposts call this place home. Northeim is a wild land: wolves, bears, mountain lions and many other creatures roam the land and only the strongest of men can endure life in this harsh place. It is also rich in natural resources, such as wood and excellent stone, but also copper, iron and gold. Yet, the Northlanders are too uncivilized to be skilled in the use of metals. They can barely work them and have no idea about how to build a decent mine. It is easier for them to buy or steal metal weapons and tools from the southerners, although some of them are slowly learning the secrets of metalworking, that fascinates them.

Mount of Fire

The Smoking Mountain, or Mount of Fire, is a big volcano in the heart of Northeim. Fifty years ago, a group of Imperials came here and built a strange temple, called the Monastery of the Hammer. The Northlanders attacked it, thinking they would find only weak priests defending precious artifacts. But they were wrong. The temple was inhabited by a horde of metal-clad warriors, who slaughtered the barbarians. Now the Northlanders grudgingly respect their neighbors and some friendly relations are budding. The temple dwellers have revealed themselves as the true followers of Hulian, the Smith God, and are teaching the Northlanders a lot of things, among them the secret of forging iron!

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