Ivory Savannah Tribes


‘Ivory Savannah Tribes’ is a collective name used by the Imperials to define all the black populations living south of Kyros, from the actual Savannah nomads to the farmers of the Verdant Belt and even the feared Cannibals of the Cannibal Islands.

There are great differences among them but they all have black skin. They tend to be of average height and build and quite strong, but these aren’t universal features. Many Savannah nomads are as tall as the Northlanders while some of Verdant Belt dwellers, due to occasional breeding with Pygmies, are quite short.

The Savannah people have harmonious bodies and their women especially are very attractive. A common saying claims that a Savannah tribe dancer can melt the heart of a man with the beauty of her dance and make him die on the spot, if she wants to.

Sadly, their physical qualities and their lack of technology made them very appreciated as slaves. Caldea, in particular, a minor white men reign in the south, has an economy based on capturing and selling Savannah slaves to foreign states, while Kyros often launches slave raids through the Ivory Savannah.

The Ivory Savannah Tribes have no common cultural identity and fierce rivalries exist among different tribes.This is definitely an advantage for slave traders. They don’t even need fight for slaves, they simply buy war prisoners sold by rival tribes in exchange for cheap weapons. This practice has been going on for centuries.

Ivory Savannah Tribes men and women wear pelts and simple wool cloths. They like strong colors, like red and yellow, and are particularly fond of feathers and strange headgears. Women usually are bare-breasted.

Typical Ivory Savannah Tribes names are short and contain many labials. For example: Eba, Utu, Ushul, Ngoba, Talindi, Malima.

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Ivory Savannah Tribes

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