Ivory Savannah


The Ivory Savannah is an endless land of rolling hills and flat plains. It owes its name to a very common herb that takes on a particular gray color while drying in the autumn. The Savannah is a savage place inhabited by lions, gazelles, the striped horses named zebras, and even stranger beasts. Despite what strangers may think, the king of the savannah isn’t the powerful lion or the mighty elephant; it is the gnu, a particular type of buffalo.

The gnu herds migrate north during the hot summers, reaching the grasslands bordering the Brown Sea, while in the autumn they migrate south, following the Buffalo River, to the borders of Caldeia.

The Savannah Tribes, who are mostly herders or hunters, follow the migrations of the herds that provide them with food. They are organized in clans, some of them small (four to ten members), others as numerous as five hundred strong. The clans are led by local chiefs and are usually independent, though it isn’t uncommon for several clans to team up for big hunting raids or on similar occasions. The Savannah Tribes are constantly fighting the populations of the Verdant Belt and their relationships with Kyros are even colder. In fact, the very fertile lands between the Sword River and the Buffalo River are coveted both by the Kyrosian farmers and by the Savannah herders. The latter take their herds to feed on the Kyrosian crops, while the Kyrosians not only fight the trespassers but also attack peaceful Savannah Tribes to catch slaves. Caldeia does likewise in the south.

The White King

The Ngobi Tribe, one of the most powerful of the savannah, has a tradition of taming and using the buffaloes as battle mounts. These mighty beasts are feared even by the Kyrosian army. Through endless generations of tribe wars and wise political treaties, the Ngobi have subjugated or made alliances with all the major tribes of the savannah, achieving a leading position. But it is only under the rule of a charismatic leader, the White King, which they have managed to bring all the clans together. Very few strangers have seen the White King in person, and they say he is white and not black. Under the guide of their new leader, the Ngobi have also built a new capital of the reign somewhere in the heart of the Savannah. They call it the City of Elephants, and rumors say it is a marvelous place. Until now the White King hasn’t waged any war but both Caldeia and Kyros are very worried about what the unified tribes can do in the south of the world.

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Ivory Savannah

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