Independent Cities


The first Independent Cities were founded by the Syranthians in an attempt to avoid the taxes imposed by Kyros on the goods coming from the south of the world. They were far more successful that the Syranthians had expected. Desert nomads, Ivory Savannah Tribes and, occasionally, Caldeian merchants started to visit them, selling goods from the south and buying products from Faberterra, Tricarnia and other northern reigns. In a few years the Independent Cities increased in number and grew in size, going from small trading posts to large cities. This happened also thanks to the adventurers and other shady individuals who came here from all over the Dominions, lured by the prospect of easy money to be made.

In the end, distant Syranthia lost control over these fiercely independent cities. Today, a dozen Independent Cities exist, but the most important are Hillias, on the Dread Sea, and Teyerana, on the shores of the Endless Ocean. The first is ruled by a merchant league, similar to Syranthia, while the other is a monarchy, governed with an iron fist by Korr, a former pirate from the Fingers Islands. The other cities are either on the coast or in the Red Desert. They are not united and often fight with one another — a state of things that Kyros, Caldeia and Syranthia are very happy to support.

Mercenary Life

The Independent Cities are excellent places for any individual who is able to wield the sword. The various city lords are always looking for good fighters to join the city patrol, protect caravans, and, occasionally raid enemy cities. The hierarchy in the mercenary militia is usually very mobile and a skilled swordsman can start the day as watchman of the local latrines and go to bed as Captain of the King’s Guard. But remember: life is always
dangerous in the Independent Cities and, no matter how high a man climbs, he can suddenly fall equally low.

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Independent Cities

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