The Imperials are the broadest and, therefore, most difficult civilization to define within the Dread Sea Dominions. The name applies to all the civilized populations once under the rule of the Iron Empire.

The typical Imperial, living in Faberterra, Syranthia, or northern Kyros, is of average build and has tanned skin. Manual workers and farmers tend to have a darker complexion, while aristocrats and merchants are fairer, but this is only due to the different lives they lead.

Their hair can be of any color, but brown is the most common, and they usually have dark eyes. Depending on their status and wealth, they can have a well-tended beard and mustache but the military always shave, a tradition coming from health regulations imposed on the Iron Phalanxes centuries ago.

They wear long and short tunics, sandals and cloaks made of wool, cotton, or, in the hotter lands, of imported Tricarnian silk.

Imperials tend to be sophisticated and civilized. They shun many other races whom they see, sometimes with good reason, as barbarians. Centuries of conquests and the accumulation of riches have made them fat, arrogant and with a passion for pleasures, an aspect of their culture mostly deriving from their contacts with the Tricarnians.

However, they can be dangerous enemies. Civilized people tend to be schemers and plotters and a concealed dagger can be more dangerous that an openly shown barbarian axe.

On the bright side, Imperials are cosmopolitan, quite tolerant of other cultures and religions, generally curious of the world, and open to new ideas.

The current ruling system of the Empire is an absolute monarchy but the Emperor is far away, in Faberterra, so the various parts of the Empire are ruled by governors. In addition to this, with the progressive decadence of the Empire, many Imperial lands have become independent and have reverted to their previous forms of government,monarchy, oligarchy and, in some cases, democracy.

Imperial names sound Latin or Greek and generally include a first name and a patronymic or family name, such as Tellario Voleskos, Domitio Antiokan, Marika Eleucorikos, Irenya Berenantios, etc.

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