Fingers Islands


The Fingers of the Dead Ones, or simply Fingers’ Islands, are a group of islands north of the Fallen Kingdom of Keron. They were once part of the Keronian Empire, but the Dread Star disaster separated them from the mainland. The islands, surrounded by treacherous shallows, are dotted with ancient Keronian ruins engulfed by the jungle. They owe their name to the common practice on Tricarnian galleys to cut off the pinkie of lazy oarsmen, and “fingers” is usually the nickname given to mutineers.

The Fingers’ Islands are indeed a base for pirates, who from here launch attacks on merchant ships and raid the Iron Empire or Tricarnia. The navies of civilized states have often tried to wipe them off, but getting to their base has always been extremely dangerous and costly. The Fingers’ Islands are just a few days’ voyage from the Independent Cities, the perfect place where to sell stolen goods and spend one’s looted coins. They are also very close to the Fallen Kingdom of Keron, but the pirates avoid that haunted land.

The Cove


There are rumors of a hidden bay on the Fingers’ Islands which hosts a true piratical city, where crews find refuge and ships are repaired. This place is called The Cove. The exact location of The Cove is kept secret. Only pirate captains and the most trusted helmsmen know how to reach it avoiding the shallows. It is a secret for which many military authorities would be willing to pay a lot of gold.

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Fingers Islands

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