Fallen Kingdom of Keron


The Fallen Kingdom of Keron was that part of the Keronian Empire that, being quite far from the center, wasn’t directly affected by the terrible impact of the Dread Star and its high location on a plateau protected it from being flooded.

Yet, this doesn’t mean its people survived.

The consequences of the cataclysm, clouds of dusts, earthquakes, famines and pestilences wiped the local population away, and Keron is now only an arid place full of crumbing ruins. The Fallen Kingdom is believed to be haunted. The mariners sailing near its coast report seeing strange lights at night and hearing the sound of spectral songs. For no reason will a captain dock on these cursed shores.

The Fallen Kingdom is separated from the mainland by the Keronian Range, a very recent group of mountains created during the cataclysm. Crossing it to reach the Fallen Kingdom is very difficult, because its peaks are lofty and there are only a few passes. In addition, the area is still affected by intense seismic activity, another good reason to stay away from them.

Kiramas Folly

A hundred years ago, Kiramas, one of the most powerful Priest Princes of Tricarnia, decided to explore the Fallen Kingdom. His intention was to find ancient relics of the Keronians and, if possible, to create a new Tricarnian base in the south of the world. It was a great expedition, with a large numbers of ships, slaves and beasts but, once they entered the Fallen Kingdom, they disappeared. Scouts were sent to investigate but they too didn’t come back. Any further attempt to locate Kiramas was suspended and all that is now left of his expedition are the hulls of his ships rotting on the shore.

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Fallen Kingdom of Keron

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