Cannibals Islands


The Cannibal Islands are a group of medium-sized landmasses not far from the Lush Jungle. The first travelers who came here thought they had found a true paradise with pleasant weather, strange fruit plants, colorful birds and crystal-clear water full of fish. In truth, these islands are home to one of the most ferocious people in the world, the black cannibal tribes. These primitive men attack and eat any stranger they meet, and the first explorers, caught by surprise, ended their lives in the greasiest of ways.

In addition, a couple of times a year, they sail in their long war pirogues to the mainland, to hunt their favorite quarry: man. They usually set ambushes around the mouth of the Anaconda River or along the Verdant Belt, but a few times they have gone as far as the Independent Cities.

Cannibals’ God

Some lucky mariners who have managed to escape the Cannibal Islands tell stories of a giant monster that is the god of the Cannibals. Most of the human prey they catch is sacrificed to appease the monstrous divinity. Yet, the nature of the god is unknown and these stories might be only a legend or a tale to hide some disturbing truth.

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Cannibals Islands

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