Let us be honest: no one has ever explored Caledland. It is a vast, ancient forest inhabited by primitive savages, the Caleds. The only ones who dared enter the forest were the Tricarnians, during the war, and some Imperial Phalanxes, when the Empire was so strong that it considered conquering the Caledlands. Yet, none of them ever came back. The Caleds aren’t invincible — after all they are only naked, tattooed barbarians, who fight with stone-tipped spears — but their strength lies mainly in their druids, a caste of very powerful sorcerers. During the Tricarnian-Caledian Wars, many acts of foul sorceries were committed by both parties and the part of the Caledian forest bordering Tricarnia is now an accursed place, where terrible abominations lurk in the shadows of ancient trees.

War Drums

The Caleds periodically leave their woods and raid the nearby regions. They do not seek spoils, but a single commodity: humans — who are brought to Caledland and never seen again. Immediately before such expeditions, the sound of rolling drums comes from the forest. This means that the Caleds are going on a hunting spree. Nobody knows what the captives are used for, they are probably sacrificed to the gods or, as many say, they are eaten. The strange thing is that the Caleds’ raids do not seem to follow any logic: they are willing to travel hundreds of miles, to some remote village in Northeim or a farm in The Borderlands, to kidnap a single person. The reason why they go to so much trouble to capture a single unlucky individual, while simply butchering everyone else, is one of the many mysteries surrounding the Caleds.

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