Cairn Lands


The Cairn Lands are a vast, wild area of deep forests and rolling hills. No city or other civilized settlement is visible because many of the seemingly natural hills are in truth artificial mounds built by the ancient dwellers of this region. The Cairn Lords, today’s inhabitants, live in the Cairns which make for excellent houses, stables, and fortresses, if you don’t mind living side by side with your dead ones, whom they call the Ancestors.

This is no wealthy region and the Cairn Lords are not an advanced people. They live off hunting, herding, and occasional raids on nearby lands. But when darkness falls, the Cairnlanders enter their underground tunnels and lock themselves in, since during the night a strange fog appears and wicked things, best left undisturbed, emerge from the oldest, still unexplored Cairns.

The mounds called Cairns do not exist only in the Cairn Lands, although this region has the biggest concentration of
them. Many are found in Valkheim, the Northlands and the Borderlands. During the long, cold winters, the northern part of the Drowned King Sea freezes, giving the Cairnlords access to the Borderlands and Valkheim. This is the best time for raids in the south, to look for a bigger home or simply to stay away from their haunted lands, which in winter become even more dangerous.

Cairnlanders’ Talismans

The Cairnlanders are very superstitious, and most of them always carry a relic of their Ancestors. It might be a piece of bone, a tooth, an amulet and its function is to protect the wearer. If the Game Master agrees, a Cairnlander character can take a single background Edge (as Luck) even after creation or take a single Edge, ignoring rank limitations. This Edge is linked to the Ancestors’ relic and works only if the hero has his Ancestor’s relic with him.

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Cairn Lands

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