Allowed Sourcebooks


The following sourcebooks are allowed for use within the Blood and Thunder campaign:

  • Savage Worlds Deluxe Core
  • Beasts and Barbarians Core
  • Jalizar, City of Thieves
  • Tattered Banners ; Bandit Lords and Mercenaries in Beasts and Barbarians
  • Lankhmar, City of Thieves
  • Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion
  • Shaintar, Legends Arise

Please note that the ONLY playable race within the campaign is Human. I believe I’ve captured everything within the wiki when it comes to edges and hindrances that are allowed from the books referenced above…however….I want you to make your character memorable. If there’s something within these books that you see that I have not covered or addressed, feel free to bring it to me. If you can make a case for it in regards to your character and this setting…AND…it’s NOT game breaking… I’ll more than likely allow it.

That about covers it.

Happy Gaming!

Allowed Sourcebooks

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