Blood and Thunder

The Dread Sea Chronicles


Welcome to the pages of The Dread Sea Chronicles…

While prophecy and philosophy make up the majority of this ancient text; there are tales of mighty warriors, cunning thieves and wizened wizards peppered throughout as well.

Perhaps it is your hero who has a tale to be told? One that was lost to the sands of time – only to be discovered and added to the Chronicles…


• Click “Add New Post”
• Name your post in “Title”
• Skip “Wiki Page Name”
• “Tagline” should be character’s name
• Write your post IN CHARACTER

NOTE: Try your hardest to write the tale / story from your point of view as best you can. Remember….this is a collaborative storytelling experience and at the end of the day…it is YOUR story…not the GMs! (so feel free to embellish as any good character would. ;) Have fun!!)


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